What do consulting firms think about Web3??

👀 What do consulting companies think about Web3?👀

📖 Here is my master list of the best 12 reports.
❓Which one is your favorite? Which one is missing?
(Please comment so we don´t miss a good one!)

I like to read these reports to get this perspective (especially the business perspective) as well. 👉 However Web3 is shaped by the people creating it.

Therefore Discord groups and Twitter are the other great sources to pay attention to.
👉 Who is your favorite Web3 account to follow in Twitter?

Alchemy: „Web3 Development Report”

McKinsey & Co.: „Technology Trends Outlook 2022″

McKinsey & Co.: „Web3 beyond the hype”

Pwc: “Demystifying web3”

Deloitte: „The metaverse and Web3“

Media Monks: „Web3 The future of customer engagement“

Simon Kucher & Partner: „Unlocking the Metaverse & Web3“

Chainalaysis: „State of Web3 Report“

BCG: „The Digital Twin of Everything“

Accenture: „WebMe Putting the Me in the Metaverse“

Tivan: The Web3 Gaming Report

Wunderman Thompson: „Disruptive Technologies“

Ernst & Young: „How Metaverse and Web3 can create real value for your organization”

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