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[Metaverse Roadshow] Decentralised Messaging in the Web3 Way with EPNS

Decentralised Messaging in the Web3 Way with EPNS

Blockchain, by being decentralized, becomes a collaborative technology that thrives on coordination and collaboration of participants in the network, who are themselves driven for their self-gain but also by doing so contribute to the overall success of the network. The goal of blockchain systems and protocols is to build networks that need no oversight by modeling and predicting human reasoning and yet have positive outcomes for the greater good. 

In this episode, Harsh from EPNS explained how a decentralized notifications protocol works in a way that is chain agnostic, platform independent and incentivized, and how it generate network effects and creates a balanced situation for all parties involved in the ecosystem, be it users, services, wallet providers, or token holders.

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Yingzi Yuan /