Global Metaverse Startup Competition

Global Metaverse Startup Competition is the unique occasion to showcase the next wave of Metaverse entrepreneurs and builders.

Metaverse Startup Competition connects the most promising web3 projects. The goal is to put the spotlight on web3 & metaverse start-ups with high potential, providing them with unique exposure and feedback from reputable investors. 

  • Pitch and convince 200+ VCs, Angels, DAOs, and Accelerators to back your project!
  • Win priceless exposure, prizes, funding, and grants from Industry Leaders.
  • Be one of the 3 winners, and pitch thousands of people on Main Stage!


Do you have a Metaverse & Web3 startup showing traction? Then we invite you to participate in the Global Metaverse Startup Competition to gain your spot on the stage of Metaverse Summit! Get a chance to pitch your project to top VCs, win prizes from our partners, receive funding and grow to the Moon!

How it works


Submit your startup and project before March 20th


Selection & Mentorship

March 20th – March 28th

Board of jury composed with leading executives, investors, advisors will rate the startup in an anonymous basis to select best-of-class winning projects and startups. The competition will kick off with several days of online stage, where investors and the jury will asses pre-screened projects within their scope of investment. They will pick their favorite ones and give them their best tips & feedback to shine during Investors Day.

Startup Pitch Day

June 19th

Winning projects will present their startups during the event in “Metaverse Pitch Day” section. Winning startups will have booth, speaking slot & investment pitching opportunities.

Metaverse Pitch Day for startups will take place during Metaverse Summit in Paris. The best opportunity to unveil your metaverse project. 

Finalist founders will deliver their straightforward Start-up pitch, followed by a brief Q&A session. Experts of the Jury will be on-stage after the pitch to give their insight and disclose their grades. Investors will also be able to ask their questions and eventually move forward through 1:1 in-depth discussions with founders.

Opportunity for Winning startups

  1. Selected judges will narrow the applicants to the top projects who will get the chance to participate in further filtering process;
  2. The selected projects will receive an exclusive invitation to showcase their projects at Metaverse Summit; 1to1 Meetings with Investors, Executives;
  3. Mentorship from Board of Advisors including legal experts, fundraising experts, and talent consultants; 
  4.  Brand recognition from 200+ corporate partners of the event.
  5. Meetings and events hosted by Metaverse experts and executives;
  6. Pitch your project in Investor Lounge of Metaverse Summit;
  7. Winning projects will present during “Metaverse Demo Day” in Metaverse Summit;

  8. Investment opportunities from our pool of Investors;

  9. Free booth during Metaverse Summit to showcase your project.

Investor Pass

As an investor, you will be the first to discover and have the opportunity to invest early in web3 start-ups with high potential. Get exclusive access to 100+ pre-screened decks, choose the 10 finalists to pitch during Investors Day, and connect with talented founders.

The investors who hold our Investor Pass to Metaverse Summit will have access to the startup pitch, judging session & mentorship session.

During the two Day of the Metaverse Summit, investors will have access to the numerous conferences, including workshops addressed to the neophytes wishing to learn fast about Web3 and Metaverse, as well as talks led by the start-ups that will be pitching on the Startup & Workshop stage.

Our carefully selected startup founders will present short/focused 5-min pitches. We’re compressing all presentations in 2 * 2h session of 15 electrifying pitches.

The Investor Lounge will remain accessible exclusively to participating VCs and Founders for scheduling 1:1 follow-ups and more in-depth discussions.

We want to make sure investors get a speedy overview and can choose which companies they would like to delve into. We’ll provide good coffee and notepads in a quiet room which can be a safe haven for focused individual conversations, within the intense and buzzing Metaverse Summit.

Investors & Partners

Partner with Global Metaverse Startup Competition

For many, Metaverse could become the platform to interact and form meaningful relationships.
However, for the Metaverse to become fully functional, a tool that provides smooth communication, easy asset raising and lending are required. We are working alongside global founders and projects of tomorrow, across DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, blockchain infrastructure, artificial intelligence, identity, luxury fashion, music, gaming and social. 
Metaverse Startup Competition aims to help ambitious founders scale. Our pitch day and competition supports startups with direct access to an international network of the most relevant mentors, partners and investors to help them scale.