Global Metaverse Startup Competition

Discover best-of-class metaverse startups & talents.

How it works


Submit your startup and project before June 1th

Selection & Mentorship

June 15th – June 30th

Board of jury composed with leading investors, protocols, OGs will rate the startup in an anonymous basis to select best-of-class winning projects and startups

Pitch & Prizes

Startup Pitch Day : July 16-17th

Winning projects will present their startups during the event in “Metaverse Pitch Day” section. Winning startups will have booth, speaking slot & investment pitching opportunities.

Metaverse Pitch Day for startups will take place during Metaverse Summit in Paris. The best opportunity to unveil your metaverse project.

Opportunity for Winning startups

  1. 1to1 Meetings With Investors, Executives;
  2. Mentorship from Board of Advisors;
  3. Meetings and events hosted by Metaverse experts and executives;
  4. Pitch your project in Investor Lounge of Metaverse Summit;
  5. Winning projects will present during “Metaverse Demo Day” in Metaverse Summit;

  6. Investment opportunities from our pool of Investors;

  7. Free booth during Metaverse Summit to showcase your project.

Investors & Partners

Want to support Global Metaverse Startup Competition?

  1. Branding on website and social media as “Sponsor of Global Metaverse Startup Competition”
  2. A database of all submitted startups with their categories, notes from the board of jury
  3. Speaking slots in Investor Panel
  4. Investor lounge access and 1:1 project pitch with selected startups
  5. Reserved seats for Startup Demo Day session