Valentin Lefebvre

Valentin Lefebvre
Silver Moon

Panel – 16 July 2022 – Master Stage


A Journey in Tech: created 3 mobile apps in the App Store, managed in-person teams and remote teams of app developers for international clients & projects.

A rich experience in sales: among small & medium structures, as an independent, in B2B and B2C, in France, and in the USA,

Published a book at 19 years old, then translated into French “Sell or lose”, a best-seller on sale from the American author, Grant Cardone.

A journey as a high-level sports competitor: Judo black belt (1st Dan), having followed a sport-studies in the high-level training program Judo center of Grenoble and then Orléans.

Sold for 2M€ worth of licensing contracts for the Fitness Park Group in 2 years and a half.
Published the book ‘The Power to the People’​ fall of 2012
Sold $62K worth of consumer credit card debt portfolios, cold calling in 1.5 months as a summer intern debt broker at 18 years old.
Autodidact building first startup at 20 years old in London.
Finalist at AngelHack Silicon Valley Summer 2013.
Translated an American bestselling book “Sell or Be Sold”​ in French: “Vendre ou Perdre”.
Build 10 Wikipedia pages.
Won @Facebook+Microsoft Hackathon in early 2014.
Published FaceMatch app in the Appstore Mid 2014.
Published Swipe in App Store in January 2015.
Published WIT Network app in App Store in June 2015.
Published Moxy in App Store in June 2015.

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