Olivier Klepatzky

Olivier Klepatzky
Seahaven Productions; BeMyNFT

Panel – 17 July 2022 – Expert Stage

Producer – Director

Olivier has worked in the media world for 24 years as an editor, director and editor-in-chief for audiovisual production companies and television channels. In 2020, Olivier created his own company to produce and direct films that look like him. With Be My NFT, Olivier wants to break with the hype to show the world that non-fungible tokens are a new step in the digitalization of our society. This documentary still in production has an international cast with key actors like Cathy Hackl, Swan Sit, Mondoir, Avery Akkineni, Samuel Hamilton. Olivier aims to create a community around the documentary through crowdfunding based on NFTS available on www.bemynft.digital

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