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[Metaverse Summit] Virtual Production, creator tools and computing in the Metaverse with Asa Bailey

Virtual Production, creator tools and computing in the Metaverse with Asa Bailey

In this episode of Metaverse Roadshow, We had a chat with Asa Bailey, we highly praise him as “the geeky filmmaker” and “the artistic geek” — you’ll understand the titles better after listening to this episode.

We talked about game engines in filmmaking, the role of linear content, IP, and computing in the Metaverse.

Asa was an early adopter of avant-garde technology in filmmaking including real-time pre-visualization and in-camera VFX, with tracked cameras, motion-capture, simulcams, and LED dynamic lighting, as well as game engine technology on-set.

00:00 intro

03:28 Did you see the Metaverse trend coming up this year?

12:14 Why is this so revolutionary to have real-time filmmaking

15:41 Democratization of 3D tools

17:46 How to make high-quality content and encourage new filmmakers?

24:01 The interoperability issue in Metaverse

32:06 who owns the future right: Unity, Unreal, NVIDIA comparison

33:01 Instantly thinking about how our linear production compatible?

37:44 IP houses in the new era

41:28 You said exactly the tools only empower?

44:52 Interaction with the virtual environment or other users

47:15 What are your upcoming projects or expectation for 2022?

51:46 Digital twins?

54:52 2022: looking forward to big news announcements

55:32 Well thank you for sharing creative expect

56:48 spoiler of metaverse summit


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