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[Metaverse Summit] In-metaverse camera: empowered creators beyond social and esport -Barthélémy Kiss

In-metaverse camera: empowered creators beyond social and esport -Barthélémy Kiss

In this episode of Metaverse Summit Roadshow, we invited Barthélémy to talk about the in-Metaverse camera.

With the new way of social interaction, divers toolbox are provided to fuel the emerging creator economy including the in-Metaverse social platform Powder, who also launched the blockchain game clip NFT collection.

00:00 intro

00:36 Why are you interested in the metaverse?

02:24 What are your ideations?

10:25 How do you choose which is the right angle as an automatic camera?

23:04 What’s the knowledge of powder in terms of the audience?

27:04 Who is familiar with crypto and the business model?

32:42 How many percentages of the players are more on Esport?

35:49 What about the future?

38:48 How can the audience get in touch with you? 

Session hosted by:

Yingzi Yuan /

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