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[Metaverse Summit] How to build a sustainable, positive and decentralized metaverse?

How to build a sustainable, positive and decentralized metaverse?

Metaverse Summit sat down with 3 female project owner, researcher and entrepreneur to talk about how to build a sustainable, positive and decentralized metaverse.

Facing the current « far-west » state of art of metaverse, how to protect children from violence, how to project female from harassment, how to link virtual with reality, those are the topics entrepreneurs and governments need to both think through.

Diana Derval, PhD, EMBA, Chair of DervalResearch.

Shea Richburg, Co-founder of Future Wise Group.

Paula Palermo, Architect, urban planner, and economist.

00:00 intro

01:03 What focusing on right now in the Metaverse sector?

04:08 What is the key learning in the real-life connection of Metaverse?

06:42 What should we pay project attention to when building a metaverse project?

10:51 What recent research about the human behavior in or out for the metaverse?

15:37 How to make everything more accessible and have a positive sense for the creators?

25:14 What can happen within the five years to come?

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Yingzi Yuan /

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