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[Metaverse Summit] How to become content and experiences builders inside the Metaverses

How to become content and experiences builders inside the Metaverses

In this episode of Metaverse Roadshow, We invited the founder of Supersocial, Yonatan Raz-Fridman (Yon).

Yon is a content and experience builder in Metaverse especially Roblox. Implanted in creator economy era, he aims to incubate highly skill and high potential creators including game devs, game designers, and accompany them from day1 through ideation, creation, distribution.

00:00 intro

00:25 Who is the founder and CEO of super social?

02:41 Who is actually building this virtual world?

06:37 Different target in terms of demographic?

09:58 How do you decide what kind of style, experience, and audience you want?

10:47 Which sense do we need to centralize the creative decision?

13:16 About your future roadmap in 2022?

15:12 Tell us more about the development story.

17:32 What kind of assets may be the idea you will do?

19:18 Is it disruptive for the business model of Roblox?

22:49 Make people enjoy this technology and interfaces?

26:09 Could you tell us more about experiences in the universe?

30:00 What will be the future interaction?

32:47 You thinking of bringing the Ghostopia IP in the future?

Session hosted by:

Yingzi Yuan /

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