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[Metaverse Summit] How Brands should position themselves in Metaverse Strategy – Amy Peck

How Brands should position themselves in Metaverse Strategy - Amy Peck

Brands are FOMOing about Metaverse: should they hire a chief Metaverse officer? Should they acquire a Metaverse-native company or startup? Should they buy a virtual land and build a flagship store?

In this episode of Metaverse Roadshow, we sat down with Amy Peck to discuss about the brand-Metaverse interaction and the long-term strategy and positioning.

00:00 intro

00:23 Amy Peck as a guest speaker

11:56 What would be your advice for brands.

17:12 future proof approaches?

19:43 digital brands and traditional retailers are compatible?

23:15 What do you think about the dynamic with user creations and possibilities?

25:35 Do you think that individual creators represent a risk for brands?

30:13 Do you think the brands will be controlled or dependent on the new metaverse?

33:26 opinion about decentralized autonomous organizations?

36:38 What do you think about metaverse innovations in 2022

37:43 move from prediction to creation.

40:43 opinions on the metaverse

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