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How to leverage NFTs to help promote art and artists? We sat down with Pauline Foessel to talk about the roles of art and curators in the metaverse, and how NFT’s can help artists today to raise funds.

In this episode, we chatted with Aakarsh Naidu around his journey from working in Meta, to creating his own company around open metaverse.

In this podcast Ryan Gill tells us about Digital Identity, the mindset of Web 3 and the importance of an open Metaverse


WB launched a new Twitter account under a separate name Warner Bros NFT, leveraging studio’s library of existing IP. They’ve launched with Lord of the Rings which is one of the top grossing IP of all times.

Venture funding and major brand partnerships were bright spots in an otherwise difficult quarter for NFTs

Netflix is doubling down on its strategy into cloud gaming

‘The game says it’s a ‘unique and immersive metaverse experience”

Virtually Human Zed Run announced a month-long World Cup Tournament inspired by the 2022 FIFA World Cup

 secures a $30m raise led by Framework Ventures that will help their team continue to enable the ease of blockchain adoption for game studios

 announced $18.75m raise to focus its’ efforts on multi-chain R&D and blockchain gaming

 announced a partnership with Immutable as well as a $10m strategic funding round led by Anthos Capital

Arcade raises $3.2m in seed funding to help them with making blockchain gaming more accessible to a global audience

ByteBrew raised $4 millions for its free #mobile game analytics platform

Splinterlands launched Presale 1 of card packs for their new Genesis League Goals card game (a new soccer game created with real Major League Soccer player cards)


What’s in the future? We’ll see these kind of experiences to be released on real time 3D platforms like Fortnite Creative or Roblox.

DAOs are organizations where this hierarchical management structure is replaced with software.

In this special report, Deloitte cover the metaverse, virtual reality, and web3 (i.e. blockchain-based assets like Bitcoin).

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