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The History and Future of Metaverse Fun by Evin McMullen from Disco

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We sit down with Adriana to discuss not only the role of digital fashion but more importantly its link with self-expression, digital identity and creator economy in the Metaverse.


The MIT spin-off Brelyon has raised $15 million to develop new “ultra-immersive” virtual monitors that promise VR experiences without a headset.

Nanite and Lumen initially didn’t work in VR. Developers of VR apps had to use the legacy geometry and lighting systems, negating many of the advantages of the new engine. But with Unreal Engine 5.1 Nanite & Lumen now work with VR.

Writers and visionaries will be freed to craft and imagine even better stories. The next ten to twenty years will probably feature an era of human artistic abundance, where some of the greatest works of mankind will dwell on for eternity…

NVIDIA has unveiled a connector to use Unity with NVIDIA Omniverse, which is NVIDIA’s collaborative creation tool that leverages #USD to make people using different applications work on the same scene together at the same time. Imagine a Google Docs like tool for 3D scenes creation, with an additional layer for simulations and digital twins.

A report commissioned by the Pentagon concluded that the blockchain is not decentralized, is vulnerable to attacks and is running outdated software. The report, “Are Blockchains Decentralized, Unintended Centralities in Distributed Ledgers”, uncovered that a subset of participants can “exert excessive and centralized control over the entire blockchain system.

Unlike other companies developing self-driving systems, Tesla doesn’t create HD maps to help its self-driving systems navigate, but it uses its simulation to create “corner case” scenarios to put its self-driving software through.

The new platform anchors #webAR and virtual content across physical locations by adding depth and realism to immersive experiences anywhere in the world using its AR map, allowing precise, centimetre-level accuracy across global locations, with just a mobile browser and no app required.

Two articles exploring this topic by the Drum and Metanomics. Find the links to these articles in this LinkedIn post.


There are a variety of legal issues concerning the metaverse, especially given that it is a meeting point for multiple technologies, requiring or linked to servers, hosting, software, platforms, hardware and other peripherals (e.g. VR glasses and haptic gloves for sensing virtual objects), content, graphics, maps, buildings, photos, interfaces, as well as blockchain for acquiring and registering tokenised virtual assets.

“Inexorable economic forces drive investors to pay artists as little as possible while steering their creative output in the directions that involve the least financial risk.” –– Neal Stephenson

LAMINA1 by Neil Stephenson (Author of Snow Crash) have published the whitepaper outlining their vision for the #metaverse and the #web3 technologies to power it.

“Tokenomics can be defined as the study of determining and evaluating economic characteristics of a cryptographic token. [The Binance report aims to understand] how various incentives affect the supply and demand of a token and, ultimately, its price.”

Report depicts the development vision of the Metaverse, analyze current stage of Metaverse technologies and cases, build the framework of the Metaverse industry, and explore how companies should respond to Metaverse opportunity.

An essay on trade wars, unexpected successes, and the once but not future kings of the screen.

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