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[Metaverse Summit] Build, perform and distribute avatars in the Metaverse – Luc schurgers, DNABLOCK

Build, perform and distribute avatars in the Metaverse – Luc schurgers, DNABLOCK

In this episode of Metaverse Roadshow, we sat down with Luc, the co-founder, and CTO of DNABLOCK.

Luc has been a creative director navigating cutting-edge technology and its use cases in the creative process. Avatars, as an incarnation of our virtual selves in the Metaverse, are essential in experiences.

Looking back, technology such as computer graphics and AI to create photorealistic virtual avatars with realistic movements and expressions has leapfrogged since the last few years. Luc has witnessed this change and innovation and combined it with Web 3 elements in terms of the monetization model.

00:00 intro

02:16 behind DNABLOCK: four years key learnings

04:32 In comparison what we have today with the news?

07:17 What we see is there are game publishers?

09:41 Innovation of virtual production

12:31 Instead of going to Disneyland in a couple of spots in the world.

15:28 About tooling right the tool easy to use plug and play.

17:18 What kind of game will come out in the future?

26:52 Single player or multiplayer?

31:48 Just don’t think the best kind of idea personally?

33:07 point of view on crypto

34:46 roadmap around development in 2022

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