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[Metaverse Summit] Blockchain Gaming Guilds, decentralized community beyond Play-to-earn

[Metaverse Summit] Blockchain Gaming Guilds, decentralized community beyond Play-to-earn

With the emergence of the Play-to-Earn business model, comes a new type of gaming guilds. By playing various crypto games, a guild is able to obtain as many NFTs as possible from various sources, and most of them aim to create their own NFT market if they did not do so already. With the launch of tokens, Crypto guilds have the potential to solve the centralization problem that traditional guilds have.

Mirko from Unix Gaming shared with us the creation and community of an emerging gaming guild.

There is a big difference between traditional gaming guilds and crypto game guilds. While the traditional type is limited to the game, and it can rise or fall with it, the crypto variant aims to become a platform to support new gamers.

00:00 intro

00:21 Today we have a miracle from Unix.

01:10 Tell us about what kind of game did you play before crypto gaming?

04:41 What is Unix today?

14:16 What’s Play to earn and do you think there will be more « Axie » this year?

19:17 You mentioned the number of Unix since last year.

26:04 Do you think this can play out?

32:19 How do you think two different kinds of metabolism development can merge?

32:34 What’s your vision of metaverse this year and in five to ten years?

40:25 Telling us all the experiences building Unix

Blockchain Gaming Guilds, decentralized community beyond Play-to-earn

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