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[Metaverse Roadshow] The future of retail commerce powered by the Metaverse with Alan Smithson

[Metaverse Roadshow] The future of retail commerce powered by the Metaverse with Alan Smithson

As the adoption of and engagement with Metaverse becomes more mainstream among consumers, more and more brands are choosing to open digital shops.

We spoke with Alan Smithson from the Metavrse. Metavrse helps brands engage with consumers through the MetaMall by leveraging the benefits of Extended Reality (XR).

Listen to this episode of the Metaverse Summit Roadshow to learn more about Alan’s journey, the plans of Metavrse, and his views about the growth prospect and challenges that the Metaverse faces now.

-This interview was conducted by Jay Suneja, an INSEAD MBA student, in partnership with the Metaverse Summit.

Jay is always up for a chat about everything Web3;

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0:00 – Intro

0:48 – Guest Intro

1:56 – What Metavrse really does?

6:42 – How do you think it will be brought to the forefront in the coming years?

6:49 – What are some of the most important technologies or innovations in space?

10:17 – What is the underlying infrastructure behind XR?

17:51 – What’s the vision behind that and how would it work?

20:09 – Does Metavrse plan to have showrooms on the website?

20:56 – E-commerce alleviates a lot of the disadvantages these days but still, you see certain challenges?

23:15 – If I want to buy shoes in the real world or in the Metavrse; how would it work?

24:54 – What are some of the challenges that you see in the technologies right now?

26:50 – Do you see that brands now are much more open to using the Metaverse from an advertising perspective?

29:13 – What are your views about the open Metaverse?

32:51 – What personally do you feel is the most exciting thing about the space that’s coming in the future technology?

Session hosted by:

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