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[Metaverse Roadshow] How to leverage NFTs to support Art and Artists with Pauline Foessel

Pauline Foessel,

Founder & Director at Art Curator Grid and Artpool

How to leverage NFTs to help promote art and artists? As part of Metaverse Summit Preshow, we sat down with Pauline Foessel to talk about the roles of art and curators in the metaverse, and how NFT’s can help artists today to raise funds.

How to leverage NFTs to support Art and Artists

00:00 Intro

00:32 How we met Pauline

04:40 How did you get into NFT’s?

09:54 How do you convince artists to use NFT’s?

16:42 How does new technology affect art curators and collectors?

21:11 What is the state of NFT’s now? What do you think about the utility of NFT’s?

30:33 How do you position art in general and artpool in the metaverse?

37:02 How can VR experiences be leveraged for art and NFT’s?

37:16 What are the possibilities you see in the future?

40:03 What are you personally most excited about in the near future?

A native of Grenoble, France, Pauline Foessel launched in 2019, Art Curator Grid, the first professional social network centered around art curators – an online community that fosters connections between art professionals, institutions, galleries, and companies on a global scale.

She is also the founder and director of Artpool, an NFT platform where art enthusiasts and collectors discover quality artworks curated by leading professionals.

Session hosted by:

Yingzi Yuan

Sam Arn

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