Metaverse Summit Roadshow

[Metaverse Roadshow] Lighthouse Labs with Jonathan Brun

[Metaverse Roadshow] Lighthouse Labs with Jonathan Brun

Jonathan is the co-founder and CEO of Lighthouse Labs. Prior to launching Lighthouse, Jonathan was a venture capital investor in both the digital assets and technology funds of White Star Capital. A graduate from both HEC Montréal and Oxford University, Jonathan started his career in investment banking at a large international bank. He is passionate about technology and a strong believer in blockchain’s potential to counterbalance the centralizing forces of the web.

0:00 – Intro

0:47 – What is Lighthouse?

3:38 – What is your understanding of the spatial web and why do you think it’s important?

10:25 – What are the current business mindset or technical challenges for building the Lighthouse?

16:26 – How do you think the greater economy evolved during the last couple of years?

22:45 – What do you think is the future of curation?

29:55 – Could you share some experiences and key learnings from both lives as VC and Co-Founder?

34:34 – What is gonna come this year or in the future for yourself and for Lighthouse?


Session hosted by:

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