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[Metaverse Roadshow] Intellectual Property, NFT Art and Metaverse with Ana Gliebova from V-Art

V-Art with Ana (Anastasiia) GliebovaV-Art with

Yinzi sits down with Anastasiia Gliebova, CEO of V-Art, and her insights on intellectual property rights in Web3 and NFTs. 

Anastasiia is a Ukrainian 🇺🇦 tech entrepreneur with a deep passion for Blockchain and creative digital assets.

  • CEO and co-founder of V-Art, blockchain platform that helps creative, tech,​ and luxury brands with licensing and monetization of their digital assets and ​provides ​VR/AR experiences.
  • IP lawyer and creative manager with 7+ years of experience and over 30 projects in portfolio.
  • Partner and Head of Research at the Institute of Law, Technology and Innovation. Coordinator of Digital Art Observatory and Digital Art therapy Studio projects. Anastasiia is also a speaker at events and conferences on technology in the field of art and creative industries. 

Connect with Anastasiia on LinkedIn and Instagram.

0:07 – Intro

0:43 –  How did you enter Web3 and how did you become the founder of V-Art?

2:03 – Lack of infrastructure in Web3 to manage and monetize IP

2:45 – Virtual spaces, building the audience and assisting museums and artists get digitalised and understand the legal side

3:11 – Assisting collectors and NFT collectors to understand the different rights available to them

3:37 – Switching from digital art to blockchain protocol to web3

4:35 – Difference between rights for real art and the intellectual property and other rights for NFT’s and other blockchain content

5:44 – Legal opening up more opportunities and provide more choices to the community

5:51 – Basic principle of intellectual property rights

6:37 – Ownership vs intellectual property rights

8:00 – Licensing

8:53 – The legal dilemma of NFTs

9:30 – Current standard of T&C’s

10:26 – Requirements of a complete license

10:35 – Why were NFT’s created?

11:26 – Communities goal is to fill the gap and explore the different rights

12:10 – NFT Ownership vs NFT Collection

12:50 – CC0, closing opportunities for usage, monetization, brand expansion

16:00 – CC0, choice of the creator BUT T&C’s should be read carefully

19:13 – Options available for creators

20:30 – Relevance of royalties business models and possible IP business model

21:36 – Royalties vs ‘creators fee’

24:46 – Future of royalties, cancellation of royalties and value of IP (intellectual property)

26:08 – How to build a healthy ecosystem but still decentralized Metaverse that can scale without neglecting the rights and intellectual property of creators, 

28:06 – ‘Global Unifying Bridge’ for creative content and what it is

30:05 – Unsolved question: what can be done with web3 assets

31:00 – Unsolved question: what resolutions exists for the format of files for web3 assets

34:48 – Ana’s journey as entrepreneur and co-founder of the startup V-Art

37:12 – Creating digital assets, transparency and choice

38:47 – Virtual exhibitions

38:50 – Virtual spaces for augmented reality and virtual reality

39:19 – Digital art and NFT marketplace

39:31 – V-Art protocol: unified set of technologies and standards 

40:08 – Challenges as Ukranian entrepreneur through the conflict

41:03 – Business wisdom

41:49 – More detail of the V-Art protocol

42:23 – Certification model & model of conversion

42:46 – Parts to enable mass adoption 

43:22 – V-Art protocol solution

43:45 – Licensing

45:09 – Goal of V-Art

46:11 – Summary

47:25 – Reach Ana on LinkedIn or other social media channels

47:49 – Closing

Interviewed by Yingzi. Connect with her on LinkedIn


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