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Metaverse Party in EthDenver [Sponsored by Kiyomi]

Metaverse Summit is hosting a Metaverse Party during EthDenver with 300 participants! A special shoutout o our sponsor who made this fabulous party possible — Kiyomi.

Kiyomi, is the metaverse wallet ✌

It’s the portal to immersive experiences with NFTs. Kiyomi is the wallet to display and play with your NFTs in the real world. Craft beautiful collaborative NFT experiences in augmented reality, and create anything from dedicated mini-apps for collectors, or perform unique geolocation NFT drops in Time Square, or ETHDenver directly from Kiyomi.

Kiyomi is developed by the makers of OpenEra MMORPGOpenDive Technologies. Currently on Solana, and coming soon to all your favorite EVM chains.

About OpenDive Technologies & Irvin

OpenDive Technologies is a R&D firm focused on all things blockchain, gaming, immersive telepresence robotics, and open source infrastructure. Co-founded by Irvin Cardenas, a researcher in the field of distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence and robotics. He has over 10 years of experience researching and developing distributed ledger protocols and over 12 years of experience in immersive reality technology. In 2012, Irvin co-founded Decentral Bank, one of the early bitcoin-blockchain startups that developed blockchain-based financial services, and worked with tier-1 financial institutions. Formerly, Irvin led Goldman Sachs’ Blockchain Strategy group and has advised various Fortune 500 companies and blockchain startups. Presently he’s an advisor to Metaplex — Solana’s NFT Standard and Foundation, and is a PhD candidate at the Advanced Telerobotics Research Lab.

About Metaverse Summit

Metaverse Summit is set to explore and build the future of Metaverse together. The summit will gather builders, entrepreneurs, investors and experts from 3D, VFXGaming, VR, AR, Web3 and beyond.

We believe that sharing and transmitting knowledge is the most sustainable way to develop the decentralized, fertile future of Metaverse .