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[Metaverse News] Seedify Invites Artists to Create The Assets of the Metaverse, with a 10 Million $ Grant Program

Seedify announed their new program to incubate artists, the collections will be buyable through Seedify IMO (Initial Metaverse Offering) Launchpad, at mint prices, available only to those who stake & farm SFUND tokens during IMOs. The news was announced here.

Hello Seedify Community!

We are thrilled to share this new program, calling all digital artists and metaverse enthusiasts to create the assets of the next generation virtual worlds with us!

Within a period of 6 months, we will be devoting a minimum of 10 million $ worth of SFUNDs, to foster the creation of different sets of unique NFT assets and collections that will be usable within different metaverses.

These will range from vehicles, cars, clothing, avatars, decorations, guns & weaponry, houses, and all types of assets that will have a place in the metaverse. Rather than focusing on one single metaverse, we will be leaving the decision to artists on which metaverse they want to create their collections for, staying agnostic.

These collections will be buyable through Seedify IMO (Initial Metaverse Offering) Launchpad, at mint prices, available only to those who stake & farm SFUND tokens during IMOs. Bringing new allocation opportunities through SFUND token, and adding a complete new utility

Seedify Metaverse Asset Program will be fostering the creation of high quality unique collections, through picking the best artists and teams; by analyzing their past portfoliosuniqueness of their collection ideasconcept visualsas well as extra utilities that may come with these assets, and more.

While life in the metaverse is getting closer than ever, asset ownership will be undeniably powerful while we are forming our new digital identities.

Sometimes for swag, other times for fun factors & utilities, and often for financial benefits that come from holding unique pieces, metaverse assets will have a much bigger space in our lives, not too far from now.

As Seedify, while we have been mainly focusing on blockchain gaming and play to earn ecosystem, virtual worlds we call as metaverses are definitely here to stay and grow more popular.

While the old paradigm was playing games in our computers, gaming consoles and smart phones, metaverse will be offering a paradigm in which we can virtually exist, socialize, play, own, earn, trade, and more…

Boundaries of life as we know, is in a huge evolution to say the least.

As Seedify, while we are forming solid roots in blockchain gaming, play to earn, and the metaverse, we also got a giant community now that has one of its’ foot in the next gen human existence. Therefore, there is no other way but to dive deeper and explore what more we can do together!

The month of December is going to be about pushing ourselves to breach the limits even more. Besides a full schedule of amazing blockchain games and metaverses, we will be dedicating the rest of our energy, time and resources to set up the foundational work for the best IMO (Initial Metaverse Offerings) platform.

In its simplicity, this program will be onboarding hundreds of great artists, illustrators, designers, architects etc; give them financial freedom to work on their art, and provide an avenue to the people of future metaverses and of course Seedify community, to start to gather their metaverse NFT assets.

The criterias and application to join to Seedify Metaverse Asset Program will be announced in our next article for artists and creators.

The artists and creators who are selected will be able to showcase their arts and crafts in Seedify IMO platform, have the support systems to create sold-out collections, make money through their art, as well as have spaces to promote their collections in our other showrooms in the selected metaverses exposing them to a wider range of audiences.

Along with the grants, the creators will also be getting royalty from these NFT sales for a lifetime of their trades.

This is all for now, the grant criteria, application form and more will be disclosed in our next article which will be available in the next few days.

Await us.

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