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From Meta to Metaverse with Aakarsh Naidu

From Meta to Metaverse with Aakarsh Naidu

In this episode, we chatted with Aakarsh Naidu around his journey from working in Meta, to creating his own company around open metaverse.

He is an alumnus of The London School of Economics (LSE), Global Startup Enabler, as well as built and scaled the UK-based venture Startupreneur®. He has been in charge of one of India’s Top Startup Incubators and briefly lead the Startup Programs for Facebook in India and South Asia before starting his venture.

In HIS Current role, he is the co-founder and CEO of Signa X, a web 3.0 startup building digital assets for the gamefi and metaverse worlds.

0:00 – Intro

3:07 – Tell us about your role at Meta and what you were doing prior to that?

6:36 – Why have you decided to create Signa X rather than continue to work with Meta on the Startup Programs in India and South Asia?

7:30 – What according to you constitutes a Metaverse?

10:08 – How do you see the integration of the metaverse in our society?

12:21 – Can we compare the impact of the metaverse with the impact of web2?

13:19 – Do you think that there will only be one metaverse or a plurality of metaverse coexisting altogether?

15:23 – Out of all the areas within the Web 3 space, what are some of the areas that interest you and where do you see the most potential?

17:32 – Today, is there any obstacle (technological or legal) that could slow down the development of the metaverse?

19:39 – Is the goal of Signa X to support the future firms that will create the metaverse?

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