Crypto’s Who’s Who: Venture Capitalists


COO, Partner at White Square Capital LLP

Chief Investment Officer – Blockwall Digital Assets Fund

General Partner at 1confirmation

Founder at 1confirmation

Founder of || GP @ Amentum Investment Management

VC at Andreessen Horowitz

Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Principal at Realization Capital Partners | ex-a16z

Founder & General Partner at APEX Ventures

Venture Capitalist, Venture Builder & General Practitioner

General Partner, Ascensive Assets

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Blockchain Capital LLC

General Counsel at Blockchain Capital LLC

General Partner at Blockchain Capital

Kauffman Fellow (Class 26) | Co-Founder & General Partner at Blockwall | Co-Founder & Managing Director at Blockchain Research Institute Europe | Expert Panel – EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum

Chairman bei Blockwall

Crypto VC

Co-Founder Bonfire Ventures

Co-founder and Managing Director at Bonfire Ventures

Co-Founder at Boost VC

Founder and Managing Director of Boost VC

Investment Director at Binance Labs

Investing @ Binance Labs

Founder & CEO at CoinFund. Engineer. Investor. Researcher of #CryptoNetworks. Curator at FIRSTEDITION.XYZ

Partner & Director of Research at CoinFund

Partner, Venture & Liquid Investments at CoinFund

Crypto Asset Portfolio Advisory at Coinstone Capital

General Partner at Collider Ventures

Head of Global Business Development @ Collider Ventures | Web3 | Digital Assets | Metaverse

Founding Partner at Continue Capital, Founder of Bodhi Prediction Market, CEO at Ockchain, Inc.

CEO / Founder, coinIX GmbH & Co. KGaA

Investing in the 3rd wave of the Internet | Blockchain & ReFi | INSEAD MBA

Vorstand @ nordIX | Co-Founder & Chairman @ coinIX | Boardmember @ Hanseatic Blockchain Institute | Boardmember @ Bundesblock

Founder & CEO at Allocations, Chairman at Allocations Angels

Managing Partner and Co-Founder at CMCC Global

Investment Team at CMCC Global

Founding Partner at Castle Island Ventures

General Partner at Castle Island Ventures

Partner at Castle Island Ventures

Founder & Chief Investment Officer at Cyber Capital Europe’s oldest cryptocurrency fund

CEO Cyber Capital. An AIFMD light registered cryptocurrency fund (2016) offering the best possible exposure to cryptocurrencies.

Founder at Dalma Capital

Managing Director at Dalma Capital Management Limited

Managing Director at Dalma Capital

Partner at DHVC | Hiring

Chief Financial Officer at DHVC

Founder & CEO, Digital Currency Group; Founder, SecondMarket

Global investor, executive, and entrepreneur bridging traditional institutions and emerging technologies

Director at Digital Currency Group

Founder at Draper Associates/DFJ/Draper University

Partner at Draper Associates

General Partner at Dragonfly Capital

Partner at Dragonfly I Forbes 30 under 30

Partner at Dragonfly


Co-Founder & CCO at DeFi Capital

Private venture investments

Head of Finance & Investments @ eFounders

Partner eFounders • Looking for co-founders and Product profile to join us

Founder eFounders

Managing Partner at Electric Capital, serial entrepreneur, angel investor

Investing in Crypto

Partner at Electric Capital

Partner at Electric Capital

Founder @ Eden Block | Forbes 30 under 30 | Community Builder & Angel Investor

Venture Capital at Eden Block

General Partner at Eden Block

Partner at Fabric Ventures

Angel investor

VC at Fabric Ventures

Chairman & Managing Partner, Fabric Ventures

VC @ Fabric Ventures

Fenbushi Capital – Investment Director

Fenbushi Capital – Investment Director

Partner at Fenbushi Capital

Founder of Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, HashKey Digital Asset Group, Fenbushi Capital and PlatON

Head of Investment Banking

Managing Director & Deputy CCO at Galaxy Digital LP

Managing Director

CEO at Grayscale Investments

Director, Investor Relations at Grayscale Investments

Director, Finance at Grayscale Investments

Partner at Greenfield Capital

Partner at Greenfield Capital

Co-Founder & Partner at Greenfield

Co-Founder & Partner at Greenfield

Managing Partner, gCC (gumi Cryptos Capital)

Co-founder & Managing Partner at gumi Cryptos Capital

Head of Investment at GTA Ventures

Mê Tranh; Università degli Studi di Milano

Managing Partner @ Hack.VC

Venture Partner at Hack VC

Co-Founder of DystopiaLabs. Venture Partner at Hack.VC. Ex-Head of Growth at Stellar & Solana

Driving innovation by seed financing highly innovative startups / connecting startups and established companies / speaker / enthusiast / crypto, especially bitcoin. Always open to new things, ideas, people, technologies.

Managing Director @ HTGF | Venture Capital & Fund Management Expert | Seed Investor | Building Bridges between Founders and Industry | Passionate about Innovations & Start-ups

VC-Investor & Partner @HTGF

Partner @ HTGF | Head of HTGF Berlin | Venture Capital | Seed Investor for Tech Companies | Passionate about Digital Tech | Certified Supervisory Board Member

General Partner at IDEO CoLab Ventures

President + Board @ Rain & VC Investor

Co-founder & Venture Partner, IDEO CoLab Ventures

GP at IDEO VC Crypto

CEO at LongHash Ventures

Founder, Lemniscap

Venture Capital | Blockchain |

Partner at Lemniscap

CEO | M31 Capital

Co-Founder at M31 Capital

Chief Executive Officer at Blockware Solutions

Co-founder and Partner, Mosaic Ventures

Partner at Mosaic Ventures

Co-founder and Partner, Mosaic Ventures

Chief Operating Officer / General Counsel at Mosaic Ventures

Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital

Managing Partner, Multicoin Capital. I am @kylesamani on Twitter, Telegram, and WeChat

Partner, CFO and COO at Multicoin Capital

Multicoin Capital; The University of Texas at Austin

Founder at Mythos Capital

Investment Manager at OK Blockchain Capital

Co-Founder & CEO Mensis Capital

Managing Partner at Oyster Ventures | Former Co-founder & CSO of Republic

Partner at Oyster Ventures (Former Sequoia)

Crypto / Web3 VC

Managing Partner at Outlier Ventures

CTO and Founding Partner at Outlier Ventures

Chief Executive Officer, Pantera Capital

Co-Chief Investment Officer at Pantera Capital, Co-Founder @ Eco, Co-Founder @ Augur, and Angellist Syndicate

Deputy General Counsel @ Pantera Capital

Investment Partner at Paradigm

Investment Partner at Paradigm | Forbes 30 Under 30

Chief Legal Officer, Board Member, Investor

Partner – ParaFi Capital

Managing Partner at ParaFi Capital

COO at ParaFi Capital

General Manager at Placeholder

Founder & CEO of Polychain Capital

Partner @ Polychain Capital

Partner at Polychain Capital

Managing Director at Prota Ventures

Partner | Investments & Partnerships at PetRock Capital

Founding Partner, Petrock Capital | Co-founder of Metafrontier

CEO/CIO at PetRock Capital

Co-founder of Scalar Capital

Co-founder & Managing Director of Scalar Capital

Founding Partner, M.D. @ Signature Ventures / Att. at Law

Entrepreneur & Startup Investor | Business Angel of the Year 2018

Partner at Signia Venture Partners

Partner at Signia Ventures

Partner at Signia Venture Partners

Partner at Signia Venture Partners

Founder at Sora Ventures

Founder and CEO at Securitize and Founder and Managing Partner at SPiCE VC

Chairman & Co-Founder, Bloq

Co Founder & Co CEO Fluree, PBC

Co-Founder at Three Arrows Capital

Chief Executive Officer at Trammell Ventures

CEO at American Information Security Group

Managing Partner at TRGC

Founder & Managing Partner at White Star Capital

General Partner | Crypto @ White Star Capital

VC | Crypto @White Star Capital

VC at White Star Capital

VC at White Star Capital

Investments at Winklevoss Capital

angel investor

Investing at Zee Prime Capital

Managing Director & CIO at Tioga Capital Partners

Managing Director at Tioga Capital. Experienced founder & start up/scale up CEO loving growth. Early stage investor.

Investment Director at Fortino Capital Partners

VC @ Fortino Capital

Partner Fortino Capital Partners

Managing Partner at Volta Ventures

Venture Partner at Volta Ventures

Early Stage Investor

Venture Capital Investor at Slingshot Ventures

Co-founder at Slingshot Ventures

Venture Capital investor | Slingshot Ventures

Partner @ Peak

Venture Capital @ Peak

VC Investor at Inkef | Strategic Partnerships at Silverflow

Early stage VC investor @ Inkef Capital

Early stage VC investor at Inkef | AI Products

Partner at henQ Capital Partners

Partner at henQ

Venture Capitalist at Newion

Venture Capital at Newion

Partner @ Newion. Former computer whiz kid. Physics engineering drop out. None times startup founder. VC apprentice. Transhumanist. Not a husband. Probably not a dad.

Partner at Prime Ventures

Partner @ Prime Ventures

Managing Partner Prime Ventures

Partner at Prime Ventures


investment partner @

Investment Partner at Variant

Partner at Octopus Ventures

Early-Stage Investor at Octopus Ventures

Partner at Octopus Ventures

Founder & CEO of Polychain Capital

Partner @ Polychain Capital

Partner at Polychain Capital

Founder at DeFiance Capital

Investing in DeFi & Web3 Gaming

Investments @ DeFiance Capital

Partner at Mechanism Capital // Investing in Web3

Chief Investment Officer at LedgerPrime

Venture Investor at Pulsar Trading

Co-founder Symbolic Capital, Cere

Partner at Bedrock

Founder & Managing Partner at Bedrock

Founder & Managing Partner at Bedrock

@Leon_Mirochnik | General Partner Tagus Capital | Venture Capital | Crypto | Hedge Funds | ETFs | Sports | Hong Kong | New York | Los Angeles | Odessa, Ukraine

Founding Partner, Tagus Capital

General Partner at Tagus Capital LLP

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Metaverse Summit is set to explore and build the future of Metaverse together. The summit will gather builders, entrepreneurs, investors and experts from 3D, VFXGaming, VR, AR, Web3 and beyond.

We believe that sharing and transmitting knowledge is the most sustainable way to develop the decentralized, fertile future of Metaverse .

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