Crypto’s Who’s Who: Influencers

Akhilesh Agarwal


Crypto & NFT investor and educator ₿ Talks about #crypto #bitcoin #blockchain #investments #nft ₿

Crypto Educator & Founder CryptoCanal

CEO & Founder at TCE (Leading Influencer Network) & Al-Nomo GCC (Web-3,Crypto & NFTs) . Digitalising the World,One Step at a Time. Building Marketing Solutions for the GCC & Asia 🌎 Marketing in the Metaverse 👾

CMO | SVP Marketing & Communications | Crypto | DeFi | Web 3 | Blockchain | Technology

Crypto Influencer | Crypto Investment Specialist

Investor/fund manager/investor relations/mentorship/advisor/influencer marketing/educator/gatekeeper

Marketing for Web3, Crypto & Metaverse 🚀 | Strategy, Brand, Content, Events, Social Media, Partnerships

Blockchain & Crypto Educator | Building on the Blockchain | Web 3 | Multi-chained

Crypto Marketing I Advisor I Brand Building I NFT | Web3.0 I PR I at Cryptomediac

Founder at Learning:Crypto | CPD Educator | Investor & YouTuber

Digital Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Crypto Influencer | NFT | Metaverse | Blockchain | Web 3

Crypto Influencer (KOLs) Manager | Marketing in Crypto

Blockchain Consultant | The Block Crypto


Influencer & Campaign Manager at BitOasis | 6+ years in Crypto | Blockchain | Web3

Crypto Marketing PR

Crypto since 2017, bridging the West and East markets; Now focused on making Bitcoin mining accessible to everyone


Crypto Influencer (60K Followers) || CMO || Head of Digital Marketing || Sales and Customer Service Expert || Trader & Investor || Chart Analyst || DeFi || Blockchain || NFT || Metaverse ||

Brand Expert, Communications Specialist, NFT-Blockchain Marketing, Crypto-DeFi Enthusiast, Digital Influencer, Thought Leader Ex-Fashion Media Journalist, Ex- Entrepreneur

Social Media Leader 🌟🦄 Ex- Kraken, Ex- ShapeShift 🦸🏻‍♀️ 5 years Marketing in Bitcoin, Crypto, Web3 🕸

Founder of BitBoy Crypto, High Throughput Productions, & HIT Network

LATAM Fintech Executive with an MBA at Strategical Management & Passionate Speaker with broad expertise at Blockchain, Crypto, NFT, Tokenization, Web3, Forex, Trading

Crypto influencer. Crypto investment specialist

Crypto Influencer || Web 3.0 || NFT || Blockchain || Metaverse || Defi || Content Creator ||

CMO & Digital Strategist | Blockchain | Crypto & NFT Advisor | Investor | Influencer | Entrepreneur | Metaverse & Web3

Miami🇺🇸 Based Crypto Influencer, Bought Bitcoin in 2011 Now building blacks on the block ✈️ 26 Countries now +

Web3 🚀 | Crypto Influencer | Youtuber | Sales | Technical analysis | Crypto marketing agency 💻


Cryptocurrency Investor, Influencer and Youtuber at Crypto Coins

Networker Investor, Crypto Currency Influencer


Cryptocurrency Expert circa 2012 | Influencer | Engineering Team Lead at Bloomberg LP | Opinions are my own

Cryptocurrency Angel Investor,Advisor, and Influencer at Crypto Money Team

GOD, Family, Friends I LOVE being a Dad, Crypto Expert, Influencer , CEO of CryptoBoss.Com

Startup growth & Cryptocurrency investor, Crypto InFluencer/ Blockchain / Learning and Sharing Enthusiast

Host of The Crypto Sky Podcast, cryptocurrency influencer and investor.

Crypto Marketer & Influencer | ICO Advisor | Investor Relations in USA,UK,CA,AU | Crypto & Blockchain PR | Crypto Mentor

Startup growth & Cryptocurrency investor, Crypto InFluencer/ Blockchain / Learning and Sharing Enthusiast

Crypto Degen/Trader/Influencer

Public Speaker • Forex & Crypto Trader • Networker • Influencer

Crypto/NFT influencer – OG Influencers/Women Have Power/Crypto Mule Deer/Higz/Higby Photography Collections on OpenSea

Crypto Founder & CEO | Metaverse, GameFi & NFT Games | Advisor | Investor | Influencer | Speaker | DeFi | Web3 | Blockchain

Senior Release Manager/Crypto Hunter/Investor/Influencer

🚀 BUIDL-ing the future of Web3. Crypto NFT DAO Venture Capital/ Influencer/Web3 Agency. Keynote Speaker & Crypto Derivatives Expert. Worked in US SiliconValley, ExHedgeFund Mgr, Host of CFJ VCTV, Join Our Web3 Community

Project Management, Production & Delivery – 14 yrs experience helping thinkers & builders build fast with a focus on digital delivery in technical & creative disciplines, coding, UX, strategy, planning, content & web2

Blockchain Specialist | Social Entrepreneur | Driving Growth with Data & Stories

Simplifying Web 3 | Guided 6000+ people in Crypto | NFT Educator & Advisor | Only Indian Woman in Top 50 Crypto Content Creators at Nas Academy & Metapurse Fellowship| Ex MIT Harvard Research Intern

Bitcoin + Crypto educator. Digital asset advisor and marketer. Community team builder. Web3 Conference & Events professional. Startup experienced.

Financial Therapist + Educator + Researcher | Founder of Crypto Goddess

About Metaverse Summit

Metaverse Summit is set to explore and build the future of Metaverse together. The summit will gather builders, entrepreneurs, investors and experts from 3D, VFXGaming, VR, AR, Web3 and beyond.

We believe that sharing and transmitting knowledge is the most sustainable way to develop the decentralized, fertile future of Metaverse .

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