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Legal and Compliance Insights around Privacy, Security & Ownership | Metaverse Summit 2022

Legal and Compliance Insights around Privacy, Security & Ownership | Metaverse Summit 2022

Legal & Compliance Insights around Privacy, Security & Ownership

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Metaverse Summit Roadshow

AR, VR, XR: The Evolution of Technology in Immersive Experiences

AR, VR, XR: The Evolution of Technology in Immersive Experiences

AR, VR, XR: The Evolution of Technology in Immersive Experiences

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Session hosted by:

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HTC Vive debuted its Vive XR Elite virtual reality and mixed reality headset at CES 2023

Concept Artist Edit Ballai presented a new tool that can help protect your property from being fed to image generators


Warner Music Group’s Web3 and Metaverse investments and partnerships

BGA has conducted a member survey to assess and present data from the views of BGA members and blockchain gaming professionals on the state of the industry and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

From more gaming companies jumping in to the relevance of popular concepts, various industry pros shared their insights on upcoming NFT gaming trends.

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Metaverse Summit Roadshow

[Metaverse Roadshow] The future of retail commerce powered by the Metaverse with Alan Smithson

[Metaverse Roadshow] The future of retail commerce powered by the Metaverse with Alan Smithson

As the adoption of and engagement with Metaverse becomes more mainstream among consumers, more and more brands are choosing to open digital shops.

We spoke with Alan Smithson from the Metavrse. Metavrse helps brands engage with consumers through the MetaMall by leveraging the benefits of Extended Reality (XR).

Listen to this episode of the Metaverse Summit Roadshow to learn more about Alan’s journey, the plans of Metavrse, and his views about the growth prospect and challenges that the Metaverse faces now.

-This interview was conducted by Jay Suneja, an INSEAD MBA student, in partnership with the Metaverse Summit.

Jay is always up for a chat about everything Web3;

you can connect with him on




0:00 – Intro

0:48 – Guest Intro

1:56 – What Metavrse really does?

6:42 – How do you think it will be brought to the forefront in the coming years?

6:49 – What are some of the most important technologies or innovations in space?

10:17 – What is the underlying infrastructure behind XR?

17:51 – What’s the vision behind that and how would it work?

20:09 – Does Metavrse plan to have showrooms on the website?

20:56 – E-commerce alleviates a lot of the disadvantages these days but still, you see certain challenges?

23:15 – If I want to buy shoes in the real world or in the Metavrse; how would it work?

24:54 – What are some of the challenges that you see in the technologies right now?

26:50 – Do you see that brands now are much more open to using the Metaverse from an advertising perspective?

29:13 – What are your views about the open Metaverse?

32:51 – What personally do you feel is the most exciting thing about the space that’s coming in the future technology?

Session hosted by:

Yingzi Yuan /

Metaverse Summit Roadshow

From Meta to Metaverse with Aakarsh Naidu

From Meta to Metaverse with Aakarsh Naidu

In this episode, we chatted with Aakarsh Naidu around his journey from working in Meta, to creating his own company around open metaverse.

He is an alumnus of The London School of Economics (LSE), Global Startup Enabler, as well as built and scaled the UK-based venture Startupreneur®. He has been in charge of one of India’s Top Startup Incubators and briefly lead the Startup Programs for Facebook in India and South Asia before starting his venture.

In HIS Current role, he is the co-founder and CEO of Signa X, a web 3.0 startup building digital assets for the gamefi and metaverse worlds.

0:00 – Intro

3:07 – Tell us about your role at Meta and what you were doing prior to that?

6:36 – Why have you decided to create Signa X rather than continue to work with Meta on the Startup Programs in India and South Asia?

7:30 – What according to you constitutes a Metaverse?

10:08 – How do you see the integration of the metaverse in our society?

12:21 – Can we compare the impact of the metaverse with the impact of web2?

13:19 – Do you think that there will only be one metaverse or a plurality of metaverse coexisting altogether?

15:23 – Out of all the areas within the Web 3 space, what are some of the areas that interest you and where do you see the most potential?

17:32 – Today, is there any obstacle (technological or legal) that could slow down the development of the metaverse?

19:39 – Is the goal of Signa X to support the future firms that will create the metaverse?

Session hosted by:

Yingzi Yuan /

Metaverse Summit Roadshow

DAO builders Panel: How to Build Sustainable Decentralized Autonomous Organization

DAO builders Panel: How to Build Sustainable Decentralized Autonomous Organization

There are no trusted human executives since the organization is governed and operated by smart contracts. The smart contracts are written and executed as computer code. Monitoring and enforcement of smart contracts are likewise by computer algorithms. There are weak or non-existent mechanisms for dispute resolution, since “the code is law” and all participants have agreed in advance to abide by the code of the smart contract.

Our guideline will be to find how DAOs are a new kind of corporate governance

ACT 1 – SETUP (Is DAO weakness its own strength ?)

The story of “The DAO” (2016) remind us that a DAO weakness is its own code, because millions of dollars of ethereum has been stolen due to a programmation failure.

Nevertheless, a DAO’s code is its own strength because it is the motive of our trust in a DAO.

So, do you think that a DAO’s code can be its only weakness ?

Do you think that we can achieve a “perfect” code for a DAO ?

Is the risk always present until a code failure has not been discovered ?

Is the absence of any human interaction in a smart contract DAO a good thing ?

ACT 2 – CONFRONTATION (How can a DAO gain trust ?)

DAOs allow the alienation of trust from the owners and managers of the firm. That’s the main reason why people tend to totally trust DAO and some other people do not trust them at all for the same reason.

Trust is at stake here.

Code/Smart contracts is/are what puts trust in a DAO, how can a DAO prove itself trustworthy ?

Do you think that a human intervention in a DAO can be good if checking were its only job (a sort of inspection role to avoid eventual code failure) as in Cardano blockchain ?

Can we assimilate the researchers action in CrunchDAO to a perfect integration of human within a DAO or is it more like a human action certified by a DAO process ?

Do you think of a particular DAO that has success to gain trust, and so users quickly ?

ACT 3 – RESOLUTION If trust is gained, DAO can work perfectly.

What can be their applications ?

Do you see a domain in which it can be particularly efficient ?

Do you think it will be massively adopted in the future ?

0:00 – Intro

4:46 – What is DAO?

6:36 – What happened millions of dollars were lost in DAO?

16:28 – Why do people put trust in a DAO to prove itself trustworthy?

24:18 – Can we assimilate the researcher’s action in crunch DAO?

30:21 – Do you think that a human checking like a board of humans just with an inspection role in a DAO can be a good thing

31:45 – Do you think of a particular deal or a method that has worked today and has permitted to gain the user’s trust?

37:35 – Do you think the future of DAO is more massive adoption firstly by firms to make their process easier and faster?

Session hosted by:

Yingzi Yuan /

Metaverse Summit Roadshow

Metaverse Summit x Madrid : Metaverse, the New Business Eldorado

Metaverse Summit x Madrid : Metaverse, the New Business Eldorado

Metaverse Summit gathers entrepreneurs, builders, investors and experts to explore and build the future of metaverse together. About this event

🔥 Opening speech by D. Santiago Iñiguez.​​

Introduction by IE School of Architecture and Design Associate Dean, Cristina Mateo ​​

Panel 1: Welcome to the Metaverse (Marketing and branding strategy)


– Macarena Estévez (Partner- Analytics at Deloitte, Top Voice 2020 LinkedIn)

– Alvaro Antoñanzas (Co-Founder and COO of DeuSens)

– Emanuele Giusto (Awarded film director, Journalist, Visual Artist, Crypto Author, Author of the book: Crypto Jungla. El Low Cost Llega a las Finanzas)

– Aliah T.Gill (CEO & Founder The COLD Group, COLD Skincare)


– Yingzi Yuan (Founder and Builder at Metaverse Summit)

Panel 2: Future of gaming in the metaverse (P2E)


– Juan Pedro Claudio (Co-Founder at Belher Digital Services)

– Francisco Asensi Viana (Senior Advisor at Spain Audiovisual Hub. Ministry of Economic and digital Affairs, Isdefe)

– Iskren Mitov (Founder & CEO at R.E.Z.)


– Amine Khalladi (Co-Founder at Plei, play to earn startup based in Madrid)

Panel 3: Metaverse Entrepreneurs


– Adonis Zachariades (Co-Founder and COO of Renovi)

– Luca Arrigo (Co-Founder at Metaverse Architects)

– Joy Katharina Lorck-Schierning (Co-Founder, COO, and Chief Fashion Director at SADBUNZ)

– Monica Zeng (Web3 Ops Partner & Executive Coach, Former Director of Operations and People at Aragon One)


– Fatemeh Monfared (Founder and Chief Metaverse Architect at Spaces)


About Metaverse Summit


Experts from every industry will come together. Share ideas with others in your field, meet your future business partner, or seek advice from people who’ve done it all before. Networking Metaverse Summit brings together the people, organisations and companies redefining the future of creativity and technology.


We welcome the project builders and startups who are tackling the big challenges facing industry today.

4 Metaverse Tracks

Mapping the metaverse needs transversal knowledge across technology, culture, social and entertainment. Throughout these four tracks of Metaverse Summit, you will have a comprehensive overview of all you need to know to be part of the future.


Explore UGC-focused social worlds users and businesses can explore, create, socialize, and participate in a wide variety of experiences.


Explore digital ownership and how to create, store, sale, protect and manage digital assets, such as virtual goods and currencies, as connected to user data and identity.


Explore how to establish persistent, real-time connections in immersive digital and often three-dimensional simulations, environments; and technologies used to access, interact with the Metaverse.


Mixed reality is the merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations, physical and digital co-exist and interact in real time. In this track, we’ll talk about AR, VR, and other format of virtual worlds.

Session hosted by:

Yingzi Yuan /

Metaverse Summit Roadshow

[Metaverse Summit] How to build a sustainable, positive and decentralized metaverse?

How to build a sustainable, positive and decentralized metaverse?

Metaverse Summit sat down with 3 female project owner, researcher and entrepreneur to talk about how to build a sustainable, positive and decentralized metaverse.

Facing the current « far-west » state of art of metaverse, how to protect children from violence, how to project female from harassment, how to link virtual with reality, those are the topics entrepreneurs and governments need to both think through.

Diana Derval, PhD, EMBA, Chair of DervalResearch.

Shea Richburg, Co-founder of Future Wise Group.

Paula Palermo, Architect, urban planner, and economist.

00:00 intro

01:03 What focusing on right now in the Metaverse sector?

04:08 What is the key learning in the real-life connection of Metaverse?

06:42 What should we pay project attention to when building a metaverse project?

10:51 What recent research about the human behavior in or out for the metaverse?

15:37 How to make everything more accessible and have a positive sense for the creators?

25:14 What can happen within the five years to come?

Session hosted by:

Yingzi Yuan /

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