Crypto’s Who’s Who: Venture Capitalists


COO, Partner at White Square Capital LLP

Chief Investment Officer – Blockwall Digital Assets Fund

General Partner at 1confirmation

Founder at 1confirmation

Founder of || GP @ Amentum Investment Management

VC at Andreessen Horowitz

Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Principal at Realization Capital Partners | ex-a16z

Founder & General Partner at APEX Ventures

Venture Capitalist, Venture Builder & General Practitioner

General Partner, Ascensive Assets

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Blockchain Capital LLC

General Counsel at Blockchain Capital LLC

General Partner at Blockchain Capital

Kauffman Fellow (Class 26) | Co-Founder & General Partner at Blockwall | Co-Founder & Managing Director at Blockchain Research Institute Europe | Expert Panel – EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum

Chairman bei Blockwall

Crypto VC

Co-Founder Bonfire Ventures

Co-founder and Managing Director at Bonfire Ventures

Co-Founder at Boost VC

Founder and Managing Director of Boost VC

Investment Director at Binance Labs

Investing @ Binance Labs

Founder & CEO at CoinFund. Engineer. Investor. Researcher of #CryptoNetworks. Curator at FIRSTEDITION.XYZ

Partner & Director of Research at CoinFund

Partner, Venture & Liquid Investments at CoinFund

Crypto Asset Portfolio Advisory at Coinstone Capital

General Partner at Collider Ventures

Head of Global Business Development @ Collider Ventures | Web3 | Digital Assets | Metaverse

Founding Partner at Continue Capital, Founder of Bodhi Prediction Market, CEO at Ockchain, Inc.

CEO / Founder, coinIX GmbH & Co. KGaA

Investing in the 3rd wave of the Internet | Blockchain & ReFi | INSEAD MBA

Vorstand @ nordIX | Co-Founder & Chairman @ coinIX | Boardmember @ Hanseatic Blockchain Institute | Boardmember @ Bundesblock

Founder & CEO at Allocations, Chairman at Allocations Angels

Managing Partner and Co-Founder at CMCC Global

Investment Team at CMCC Global

Founding Partner at Castle Island Ventures

General Partner at Castle Island Ventures

Partner at Castle Island Ventures

Founder & Chief Investment Officer at Cyber Capital Europe’s oldest cryptocurrency fund

CEO Cyber Capital. An AIFMD light registered cryptocurrency fund (2016) offering the best possible exposure to cryptocurrencies.

Founder at Dalma Capital

Managing Director at Dalma Capital Management Limited

Managing Director at Dalma Capital

Partner at DHVC | Hiring

Chief Financial Officer at DHVC

Founder & CEO, Digital Currency Group; Founder, SecondMarket

Global investor, executive, and entrepreneur bridging traditional institutions and emerging technologies

Director at Digital Currency Group

Founder at Draper Associates/DFJ/Draper University

Partner at Draper Associates

General Partner at Dragonfly Capital

Partner at Dragonfly I Forbes 30 under 30

Partner at Dragonfly


Co-Founder & CCO at DeFi Capital

Private venture investments

Head of Finance & Investments @ eFounders

Partner eFounders • Looking for co-founders and Product profile to join us

Founder eFounders

Managing Partner at Electric Capital, serial entrepreneur, angel investor

Investing in Crypto

Partner at Electric Capital

Partner at Electric Capital

Founder @ Eden Block | Forbes 30 under 30 | Community Builder & Angel Investor

Venture Capital at Eden Block

General Partner at Eden Block

Partner at Fabric Ventures

Angel investor

VC at Fabric Ventures

Chairman & Managing Partner, Fabric Ventures

VC @ Fabric Ventures

Fenbushi Capital – Investment Director

Fenbushi Capital – Investment Director

Partner at Fenbushi Capital

Founder of Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, HashKey Digital Asset Group, Fenbushi Capital and PlatON

Head of Investment Banking

Managing Director & Deputy CCO at Galaxy Digital LP

Managing Director

CEO at Grayscale Investments

Director, Investor Relations at Grayscale Investments

Director, Finance at Grayscale Investments

Partner at Greenfield Capital

Partner at Greenfield Capital

Co-Founder & Partner at Greenfield

Co-Founder & Partner at Greenfield

Managing Partner, gCC (gumi Cryptos Capital)

Co-founder & Managing Partner at gumi Cryptos Capital

Head of Investment at GTA Ventures

Mê Tranh; Università degli Studi di Milano

Managing Partner @ Hack.VC

Venture Partner at Hack VC

Co-Founder of DystopiaLabs. Venture Partner at Hack.VC. Ex-Head of Growth at Stellar & Solana

Driving innovation by seed financing highly innovative startups / connecting startups and established companies / speaker / enthusiast / crypto, especially bitcoin. Always open to new things, ideas, people, technologies.

Managing Director @ HTGF | Venture Capital & Fund Management Expert | Seed Investor | Building Bridges between Founders and Industry | Passionate about Innovations & Start-ups

VC-Investor & Partner @HTGF

Partner @ HTGF | Head of HTGF Berlin | Venture Capital | Seed Investor for Tech Companies | Passionate about Digital Tech | Certified Supervisory Board Member

General Partner at IDEO CoLab Ventures

President + Board @ Rain & VC Investor

Co-founder & Venture Partner, IDEO CoLab Ventures

GP at IDEO VC Crypto

CEO at LongHash Ventures

Founder, Lemniscap

Venture Capital | Blockchain |

Partner at Lemniscap

CEO | M31 Capital

Co-Founder at M31 Capital

Chief Executive Officer at Blockware Solutions

Co-founder and Partner, Mosaic Ventures

Partner at Mosaic Ventures

Co-founder and Partner, Mosaic Ventures

Chief Operating Officer / General Counsel at Mosaic Ventures

Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital

Managing Partner, Multicoin Capital. I am @kylesamani on Twitter, Telegram, and WeChat

Partner, CFO and COO at Multicoin Capital

Multicoin Capital; The University of Texas at Austin

Founder at Mythos Capital

Investment Manager at OK Blockchain Capital

Co-Founder & CEO Mensis Capital

Managing Partner at Oyster Ventures | Former Co-founder & CSO of Republic

Partner at Oyster Ventures (Former Sequoia)

Crypto / Web3 VC

Managing Partner at Outlier Ventures

CTO and Founding Partner at Outlier Ventures

Chief Executive Officer, Pantera Capital

Co-Chief Investment Officer at Pantera Capital, Co-Founder @ Eco, Co-Founder @ Augur, and Angellist Syndicate

Deputy General Counsel @ Pantera Capital

Investment Partner at Paradigm

Investment Partner at Paradigm | Forbes 30 Under 30

Chief Legal Officer, Board Member, Investor

Partner – ParaFi Capital

Managing Partner at ParaFi Capital

COO at ParaFi Capital

General Manager at Placeholder

Founder & CEO of Polychain Capital

Partner @ Polychain Capital

Partner at Polychain Capital

Managing Director at Prota Ventures

Partner | Investments & Partnerships at PetRock Capital

Founding Partner, Petrock Capital | Co-founder of Metafrontier

CEO/CIO at PetRock Capital

Co-founder of Scalar Capital

Co-founder & Managing Director of Scalar Capital

Founding Partner, M.D. @ Signature Ventures / Att. at Law

Entrepreneur & Startup Investor | Business Angel of the Year 2018

Partner at Signia Venture Partners

Partner at Signia Ventures

Partner at Signia Venture Partners

Partner at Signia Venture Partners

Founder at Sora Ventures

Founder and CEO at Securitize and Founder and Managing Partner at SPiCE VC

Chairman & Co-Founder, Bloq

Co Founder & Co CEO Fluree, PBC

Co-Founder at Three Arrows Capital

Chief Executive Officer at Trammell Ventures

CEO at American Information Security Group

Managing Partner at TRGC

Founder & Managing Partner at White Star Capital

General Partner | Crypto @ White Star Capital

VC | Crypto @White Star Capital

VC at White Star Capital

VC at White Star Capital

Investments at Winklevoss Capital

angel investor

Investing at Zee Prime Capital

Managing Director & CIO at Tioga Capital Partners

Managing Director at Tioga Capital. Experienced founder & start up/scale up CEO loving growth. Early stage investor.

Investment Director at Fortino Capital Partners

VC @ Fortino Capital

Partner Fortino Capital Partners

Managing Partner at Volta Ventures

Venture Partner at Volta Ventures

Early Stage Investor

Venture Capital Investor at Slingshot Ventures

Co-founder at Slingshot Ventures

Venture Capital investor | Slingshot Ventures

Partner @ Peak

Venture Capital @ Peak

VC Investor at Inkef | Strategic Partnerships at Silverflow

Early stage VC investor @ Inkef Capital

Early stage VC investor at Inkef | AI Products

Partner at henQ Capital Partners

Partner at henQ

Venture Capitalist at Newion

Venture Capital at Newion

Partner @ Newion. Former computer whiz kid. Physics engineering drop out. None times startup founder. VC apprentice. Transhumanist. Not a husband. Probably not a dad.

Partner at Prime Ventures

Partner @ Prime Ventures

Managing Partner Prime Ventures

Partner at Prime Ventures


investment partner @

Investment Partner at Variant

Partner at Octopus Ventures

Early-Stage Investor at Octopus Ventures

Partner at Octopus Ventures

Founder & CEO of Polychain Capital

Partner @ Polychain Capital

Partner at Polychain Capital

Founder at DeFiance Capital

Investing in DeFi & Web3 Gaming

Investments @ DeFiance Capital

Partner at Mechanism Capital // Investing in Web3

Chief Investment Officer at LedgerPrime

Venture Investor at Pulsar Trading

Co-founder Symbolic Capital, Cere

Partner at Bedrock

Founder & Managing Partner at Bedrock

Founder & Managing Partner at Bedrock

@Leon_Mirochnik | General Partner Tagus Capital | Venture Capital | Crypto | Hedge Funds | ETFs | Sports | Hong Kong | New York | Los Angeles | Odessa, Ukraine

Founding Partner, Tagus Capital

General Partner at Tagus Capital LLP

Metaverse Summit Roadshow

[Metaverse Summit] The “Father” of JPEG Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi on NFT, metaverse standard & future

The “Father” of JPEG Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi on NFT, metaverse standard & future

We’re honored to have invited the “Father” of JPEG format, professor Touradj Ebrahimi as our guest speaker.

He talked about how JPEG standard has innovated since its creation, and how Metaverse will innovate itself and has its own standards in the future. We talked about the NFT x JPEG phenomenon and his view on the long term impact on the industry.

00:00 intro

00:44 What’s your current occupation? And what’s your plan for this upcoming year of 2022?

03:51 What’s your point of view of the current NFT phenomenon?

14:54 What do you think about the standard?

22:18 What do you think of the current NFT development around the jpeg?

28:52 How to fight against fake media?

34:21 How OpenSea work hand in hand with researchers?

39:52 What would you imagine in the metaverse in five to ten years? or even more than 20 years 

Session hosted by:

Yingzi Yuan /

Metaverse Summit Roadshow

[Metaverse Summit] DeFi and Data with Synchrony Labs

DeFi and Data with Synchrony Labs

Mohammed El Amine IDMOUSSI and Andy Koh from presented Synchrony Labs defi and on-chain data visualization approach.

00:00 intro

00:30 What brought you to create Synchrony?

06:38 Can you show some demos of your current app and platform?

16:11 What’s the plan for 2022?

Session hosted by:

Yingzi Yuan /

Metaverse Summit Roadshow

[Metaverse Summit] In-metaverse camera: empowered creators beyond social and esport -Barthélémy Kiss

In-metaverse camera: empowered creators beyond social and esport -Barthélémy Kiss

In this episode of Metaverse Summit Roadshow, we invited Barthélémy to talk about the in-Metaverse camera.

With the new way of social interaction, divers toolbox are provided to fuel the emerging creator economy including the in-Metaverse social platform Powder, who also launched the blockchain game clip NFT collection.

00:00 intro

00:36 Why are you interested in the metaverse?

02:24 What are your ideations?

10:25 How do you choose which is the right angle as an automatic camera?

23:04 What’s the knowledge of powder in terms of the audience?

27:04 Who is familiar with crypto and the business model?

32:42 How many percentages of the players are more on Esport?

35:49 What about the future?

38:48 How can the audience get in touch with you? 

Session hosted by:

Yingzi Yuan /


Marketing Communications Intern (January 2023)​ – Metaverse Summit

Marketing Communications Intern (January 2023)

Metaverse Summit is a global summit showcasing innovation around Metaverse. The metaverse seeks to describe the future iteration of the Internet, composed of shared and persistent 3D virtual spaces linked to a perceived virtual universe. In Metaverse Summit, we’ll discover the Next-Gen Technologies Shaping the Future of Reality. Metaverse Summit gathers business executives, builders, entrepreneurs, investors and experts.


Role and Responsibilities
  • Developing and implementing the communication/marketing activations
  • Assist the Social Media Manager in implementing strategies
  • Participate in the development of Futures Factory’s new framework: communication, messaging, marketing, etc. Requirements ,
  • Solid organizational skills including attention to detail and multitasking skills
  • Assist the marketing team in the smooth running and delivery of the event campaign.
  • Daily website updates to ensure all sponsors, speakers and partners details are as accurate as possible.
  • Liaise with internal teams and external partners to ensure you have all the necessary assets you need, such as logos, images.
  • Weekly reporting on email and website performance.
  • Using content provided, post organic messages across social media platforms.
  • Daily updates on the event App to ensure all sponsor, speaker and event information is as accurate as possible.
Preferred Experience & Skills
  • You are currently studying marketing and are looking for an internship and have ‘Convention de Stage’ provided by your school.
  • WordPress and website editing experience would be beneficial but training will be given.
  • You will have a good understanding of resizing images and graphics for use on digital platforms.
  • You will have some level of experience in using an email marketing platform.
  • You have a good understanding of how to post content across all social media platforms.
  • Ability to juggle multiple tasks and stakeholders.
  • Experience and a keen interest in blockchain and NFTs is beneficial.
  • You are fluent in business English. 
  • You have incredible attention to detail. 
  • You have excellent communication skills.
  • Excellent analytical and reporting skills
  • Excellent communication skills and empathy
  • Super fluent in English or Native English-speaker
  • Into sneakers, fashion, creativity, and technology
  • Interested in technology, innovation and creativity


Recruitment Process

Please send your CV to:


Metaverse Summit Exclusive Videos, News & Good Reads

Growing metaverse block by block

In this newsletter:

  • – Metaverse Summit Original
  • – Metaverse News
  • – Good Read


BGA Blockchain Gaming Panel

Speakers List:





This week on the podcast, we invited Yassine, CEO of Kinetix shared his view on how democratized 3D creation tools, user-generated motion capture and NFT are tightly linked in the current stage of development, creating new business model based on asset ownership.


Niantic, Inc. and Qualcomm team up to create their own AR headset standard

 revealed their virtual fashion collection. What do you think?

Qualcomm introduces Snapdragon AR2 Gen 1 platform


The potential impact of the metaverse to GDP in Asia is US$0.8T-US$1.4T per year by 2035, roughly 1.3 – 2.4% of overall GDP.

This market map features 70 companies that have defined the metaverse and are building their portion of the ecosystem.

30 ways NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens on a Blockchain) are being used by enterprises.

How to bridge the gap in the new era of internet?
Women are locked out of leadership in the metaverse according to McKinsey & Company.

Don’t hesitate to email us at if you have any questions.

Talk to you soon! 

Metaverse Summit 
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Metaverse Summit Exclusive Videos, News & Good Reads

Growing metaverse block by block

In this newsletter:

  • – Metaverse Summit Original
  • – Metaverse News
  • – Good Read


The who’s who of Web3 Companies


The company behind Bored Ape Yacht Club has hinted at an integration between 10KTF and its gamified metaverse platform #Otherside

The first version of the operating system, codenamed #Oak, is wrapping up internally and should be ready for the new hardware next year.

So many opportunities are coming to the movie industry, and Hollywood should be aware of what the competition is doing

BREAKING: Sony just filed a #patent for in-game #NFT infrastructure for their PlayStation console.

👟 The iconic brand’s latest venture is a metaverse play called .Swoosh, a Web3-enabled platform where people will be able to buy its virtual products

Israel-based start-up “Xternity” is helping web2 game publishers use web3 and NFTs, through its “no-code” platform

Gaming company “Eterlast” has raised $4.5 million to bring web3 games to sports fans


Multidisciplinary perspectives on emerging challenges, opportunities, and agenda for research, practice and policy

Gartner defines a metaverse as “the next level of interaction in the virtual and physical worlds.”

Don’t hesitate to email us at if you have any questions.

Talk to you soon! 

Metaverse Summit 

Metaverse Summit Roadshow

[Metaverse Summit] How Brands should position themselves in Metaverse Strategy – Amy Peck

How Brands should position themselves in Metaverse Strategy - Amy Peck

Brands are FOMOing about Metaverse: should they hire a chief Metaverse officer? Should they acquire a Metaverse-native company or startup? Should they buy a virtual land and build a flagship store?

In this episode of Metaverse Roadshow, we sat down with Amy Peck to discuss about the brand-Metaverse interaction and the long-term strategy and positioning.

00:00 intro

00:23 Amy Peck as a guest speaker

11:56 What would be your advice for brands.

17:12 future proof approaches?

19:43 digital brands and traditional retailers are compatible?

23:15 What do you think about the dynamic with user creations and possibilities?

25:35 Do you think that individual creators represent a risk for brands?

30:13 Do you think the brands will be controlled or dependent on the new metaverse?

33:26 opinion about decentralized autonomous organizations?

36:38 What do you think about metaverse innovations in 2022

37:43 move from prediction to creation.

40:43 opinions on the metaverse

Session hosted by:

Yingzi Yuan /

Metaverse Blog

Crypto’s Who’s Who: Web3 Companies


Pocket Network is an unstoppable blockchain data ecosystem for Web3 applications.

Web3 payments technology. The radically better way to pay and get paid globally. Powered by Elrond Network.

The web3 professional community for high-potential builders.

The Gaming-Only NFT Community Marketplace. Trade Smarter. Play Better.

Accelerating the Filecoin ecosystem, designed to store humanity’s most important information.

Indexing protocol for querying blockchain data with GraphQL.

The Helium Network represents a paradigm shift for decentralized wireless infrastructure.

Overseeing the ongoing evolution and decentralization of the Casper Network.

Stacks makes Bitcoin programmable, enabling decentralized apps and smart contracts that inherit all of Bitcoin’s powers.

Golem Network is a decentralized platform designed for sharing computer resources.

The only PoW blockchain that scales. Founded by Stuart Popejoy & Will Martino, creators of JPM’s 1st blockchain.

Leverage the power of blockchain and digital assets to transform your business. Kaleido makes it easy.

Clear the way in the web jungle.

Decentralized Web 3 Infrastructure for a better Web 3 World. Nodes, Validators, and Staking solutions.

High Performance Compute Solutions as a Service for Web3 and beyond. Fast. Powerful. Flexible

Bridging ad tech and DeFi.

Braintrust is the first decentralized Web3 talent network that connects tech freelancers with the world’s leading brands

Giving everyone the freedom to distribute, monetize, and stream unstoppable audio

DeFi Blockchain for EVM DAPP developers

Chromia by ChromaWay is a public relational blockchain platform powered by #Rell.

Decentralized content media creator network.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

A peer-to-peer stack for building software together


Keep your data private and access content anywhere! Download our VPN to explore the Internet freely.

Network sharing at global scale, powered by blockchain. Products: crowd sourced CDN and PubSub.

Mask Network brings privacy and benefits from Web3 to social media like Facebook & Twitter – with an open-sourced browser extension.

Decentralized Data Governance – An open standard for decentralized management of data in Web3 stack.

You are only as decentralized as your data.

Build a user-centric world with Blockchain

Technology improving security and performance of the Internet

KILT is a decentralized blockchain identity protocol for issuing anonymous, verifiable credentials.

A community for developers to collaborate and monetize their skills while working on Open Source projects with bounties.

Akash Network is the world’s first decentralized and open-source cloud.

Elastos is a dynamic, ever-evolving ecosystem supported by an open, diverse community. If you have questions, ideas, feedback, or are simply looking to learn more, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our support resources.

The decentralized P2P real-time data pub/sub network.

Helping all students and recent grads find their next opportunity.

We are an Open, Social & Persistent VR world. Buy land, build or import objects, instantly monetize and simply have fun.

Go-to backend for #web3 applications

Giving You the Full Picture.

Crypto Powered Creator Economy

FOAM provides the tools to enable a crowdsourced map and decentralized location services.

Push Protocol is a web3 communication network, enabling cross-chain notifications and messaging for dapps, wallets, and services.

Bounty network for managing their decentralized development

On a mission to build the foundation for the unstoppable internet!

Founder: Bova Chen

Exeedme® is on a mission to create a World where Gamers have fun and are economically free.

PolkaBridge is a decentralised all-in-one financial applications platform.

Founder: Cyclese Mohr

Connecting worldwide cryptocurrency users

Building the foundation for real world adoption of Oracles and DeFi.

We Make Money with Passion

Web3 marketplace to source commercially viable datasets, tokenize it, and make it liquid and accessible to all

Breaking the boundaries for accessible project participation as an all-in-one solution for projects launching on Ethereum, with support for additional chains such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, Cronos and more!

We build, operate and invest in crypto-native products for everyday people in frontier markets.

Stop overpaying for crypto.

Data | Analytics | Risk Management Solutions | Innovation | Community

Crypto gaming for all

The first Web3 platform for builders.

Bringing web2 payments simplicity to web3

we make it really easy to build web3 apps

Connecting Creators & Fans through gaming’s best moments. A Web3 Creator Platform.

Aptos is a Layer 1 blockchain built with safety and user experience in mind.

Destiny web3

Women meet-up

Royal web3 Blockchain

A web3 style magazine

Enterpise-Grade Web3 APIs

Mapping People, Projects, and Partners in Web3

The best way to learn Solidity for blockchain enthusiasts.

We are a digital creative agency. And definitely can help you connect with new audiences!

Web3.0 blockchain startup helping brands, artists & businesses navigate the waters of Metaverse and NFTs!

Bridging the gap between creators, brands, and consumers in an unrivaled metaverse experience.

Creating a sustainable web3 game ecosystem that locks in value, ownership, and fun for gamers.

Consult Webs

The singularity for Web3

Xircus Web3 Protocol aims to be a consensus for NFT marketplaces that can bridge digital and physical assets into NFTs

Trusted web3 professional identity for talents as a gateway into the future of work, financial services & the metaverse


Web3 Social networking

Founder: Igor Petrov

Connecting women in the next iteration of the internet.


Web3 Recruit


A community site dedicated to sharing knowledge and building networks for aspiring web3 talent.


All the information in Spanish about cryptocurrencies and crypto assets



The LinkedIn of GameFi: MetaCombine is an all-in-one hub that will seamlessly connect the GameFi ecosystem.

Exverse – is a next-gen virtual battle metaverse combining Play & Earn mechanics with the action genre.


Trade, Connect and Earn Like Never Before.

Blockchain, IoT, Cybersecurity Search Firm

Watch Ads. Get Paid.

An inclusive community of crypto-native web3 marketers aiming to bring new and established projects forward to success.

Streamlining the Decentralized Economy, Realize your financial freedom with a secure and sustainable approach.

Want help creating your own NFTs? Want to Commission artwork? Or do you want to learn about the cryptocurrency side? We cover the vital basics.


We are an online cryptocurrency directory and we review different crypto related apps and websites that are relevant to improving your crypto experience. Our mission is to help everyone, from developers and crypto enthusiasts through to crypto traders, investors, and all blockchain techs, find the right resources for the job.

Bridging real world capital to the New Blockchain Economy

We are passionate about helping web 3.0 startups succeed by helping them construct growth and revenue strategies.

A digital currency harnessing the power of the Blockchain

Web3 Infrastructure, Simplified. Our proprietary platform seamlessly transitions enterprise businesses into Web3.

Build Your Dreamland with Blocks in Metaverse

Unlock the power of Web3 and the Metaverse. Starting with gaming

Paxos is a regulated blockchain infrastructure company building transparent and transformative financial solutions.

Token Alliance is a decentralized Listing platform providing services to crypto exchanges & blockchain projects.

We’re helping businesses integrate cryptocurrencies into their E-commerce stores, Point-of-Sale Systems and Mobile Apps.

A cryptographically enforced system of contracts will take both our daily lives and the world’s emerging markets into a new age of economic fairness, transparency, and efficiency—an unbiased world driven not by vague brand promises but by cryptographic guarantees and the real value that individuals and institutions create.

The Web3 API Economy


BitDAO is empowering the next generation of #Web3 builders and orgs with one of the largest and most diverse token-gover

DAO-as-a-Service on substrate backed by one of the largest and most active blockchain developer communities, DoraHacks.


The Worlds First and Largest Web3 and Decentralized Cloud Computing. For the people, by the people.

Web3’s Automation Protocol


All work on-chain. Tokenized, verified, rewarded.

Fight for ETH. Illuvium games are built on the Ethereum blockchain with collectible NFTs across the DeFi metaverse.

Ocean Protocol is kickstarting a New Data Economy by breaking down data silos and equalizing access to data

Global Confidential Compute Cloud

The best cryptocurrency wallet to secure, manage and grow your crypto assets

We are the one-stop-shop access to empower people in web3.

WINkLink, as the first TRON ecosystem comprehensive oracle, fully integrates the real world with the blockchain space.


The scalable, multi-chain network for radical innovation. Polkadot’s wild cousin.


Setting the standard for Smart Cities and the Future of IoT

Astar Network The Future of Smart Contracts for Multichain.

Acala is a decentralized finance network powering the aUSD stablecoin ecosystem.


Decentralized Network for the Tokenization of any Asset

Simple solutions to build, manage and present instantly verifiable digital credentials

Chain X – simplifying your supply chain management. Contact us today to get a trial account!


Smart contract platform for cross-chain connected applications.

Founder: Sicco Naets

A marketplace for financial auctions and NFTs.

Terabyte Blockchain

📊 One unified API. One billion possibilities.


DIA is a decentralised, open-source data and oracle platform for #Web3

The first cross-chain compatible, decentralized delta-one asset protocol to create, trade, and manage synthetic assets.

A blockchain project creating liquidity management protocols for DeFi. ⛩️

The most advanced NFT system in the world.

MANTRA is a first of its kind, vertically-integrated and regulatory compliant blockchain ecosystem.

Omnichain Layer of Web3 with Absolutely Secure Cross-chain Communication Built upon Light-client and zk-SNARK.

Astar Network The Future of Smart Contracts for Multichain.

The enterprise-grade blockchain that makes it easy for businesses to build on #Polkadot, #Ethereum and beyond.

Polkadex is a non-custodial peer-to-peer trading platform merging the benefits of CEXes and DEXes in one product.

Decentralized Finance with Sustainability. #Metaverse #DEGO #Gamefi #NFT


Universal across-chain message network

What will you build?

Decentralized cross-chain launchpad, a hub for DeFi apps.

Web3 Framework for smart cities and industry 4.0 app developers

“Your Borderless Legal Toolkit For All Your Business Needs” Founder & CEO Kyle Chasse, Incubated by Master Ventures



Pioneering #PriFi with the world’s first Private Derivatives Platform. #zkAssets are here.

Leading infrastructure on Polkadot – We provide high-performance, reliable and secure API endpoints to developers.

The Bridge Between Blockchain and E-Commerce

Official Telegram global channel for BIFROST. Earn $BFC_K through chat participation.


RioDeFi accelerates the mass adoption of digital assets by bridging traditional and decentralized finance.


Zenlink aims to be the DEX gateway to the web3 world by bringing the fragmented liquidity and interactions between each parachain in one fully integrated UI.


Open Insurance Platform for Open Finance

Ares Protocol is a decentralised oracle protocol build on Substrate.

Founder: Andy Ray

SpiderDAO proposes a set of tools bringing privacy and security to to