Metaverse Summit Roadshow

[Metaverse Summit] Metaverse Identity and Ownership: Legal and Compliance Panel

Metaverse Identity and Ownership: Legal and Compliance Panel

With the deployment of metaverse in our daily lives, there will be new opportunities for people and firms to extend their activities. At the same time, these activities touch various legal and compliance aspects.

In this panel, we’ll focus on two topics : Identity and Ownership.

IDENTITY: As the next generation of the Internet, the Metaverse should first have the function of carrying the effective identity of users. What are the different approaches and forms of digital identities in the metaverse? What would be the potential opportunities and risks of blockchain-based identity ecosystem? What would the future cross-metaverse decentralized identity ideally be like? (case and examples: ONCHAINID, Crucible)

OWNERSHIP: The bearing function of user property refers to Metaverse’s recognition of user property ownership. How to judge that someone has ownership of something? Own a movable or immovable property? Metaverse is not only a new form of entertainment, it will also have real world impact and functionality. How to bridge digital identity, virtual ownership and real-life? How can consumers be protected? (Utrust)

NFTs, IP ownership and Financial regulation: In response to “right-clicker mentality” — how to balance the ‘perception of ownership’ and the true ‘on-chain ownership’ when it comes to virtual assets? From a regulatory point of view, is it crucial to determine the nature of NFTs. eg. a means of access/proof of ownership (utility tokens) or rather be considered as securities (security tokens)? What’s the regulatory state of art and future of NFTs in these regards? Although NFTs are not (yet) specifically regulated, what are the regulatory and compliance obligations that the businesses should take into account?

00:00 intro of four panelists.

04:06 What are the different approaches and forms of digital identity in the metaverses?

11:15 What will be the trust metaverse identity regarding user data?

15:09 How to judge that someone has real ownership of something?

21:32 What is the regulatory state of the art?

29:22 What kind of elements should entrepreneurs take into consideration?

31:15 What type of legal framework is there for the current state of art decentralized autonomous organization?

38:38 How can we bridge the virtual world of virtual life with real life?

45:19 How can the user’s rights be protected in the current state of the art?

Session hosted by:

Yingzi Yuan /


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Metaverse Summit Roadshow

[Metaverse Summit] Virtual Production, creator tools and computing in the Metaverse with Asa Bailey

Virtual Production, creator tools and computing in the Metaverse with Asa Bailey

In this episode of Metaverse Roadshow, We had a chat with Asa Bailey, we highly praise him as “the geeky filmmaker” and “the artistic geek” — you’ll understand the titles better after listening to this episode.

We talked about game engines in filmmaking, the role of linear content, IP, and computing in the Metaverse.

Asa was an early adopter of avant-garde technology in filmmaking including real-time pre-visualization and in-camera VFX, with tracked cameras, motion-capture, simulcams, and LED dynamic lighting, as well as game engine technology on-set.

00:00 intro

03:28 Did you see the Metaverse trend coming up this year?

12:14 Why is this so revolutionary to have real-time filmmaking

15:41 Democratization of 3D tools

17:46 How to make high-quality content and encourage new filmmakers?

24:01 The interoperability issue in Metaverse

32:06 who owns the future right: Unity, Unreal, NVIDIA comparison

33:01 Instantly thinking about how our linear production compatible?

37:44 IP houses in the new era

41:28 You said exactly the tools only empower?

44:52 Interaction with the virtual environment or other users

47:15 What are your upcoming projects or expectation for 2022?

51:46 Digital twins?

54:52 2022: looking forward to big news announcements

55:32 Well thank you for sharing creative expect

56:48 spoiler of metaverse summit


Session hosted by:

Yingzi Yuan /


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Metaverse Summit Roadshow

[Metaverse Summit] Build, perform and distribute avatars in the Metaverse – Luc schurgers, DNABLOCK

Build, perform and distribute avatars in the Metaverse – Luc schurgers, DNABLOCK

In this episode of Metaverse Roadshow, we sat down with Luc, the co-founder, and CTO of DNABLOCK.

Luc has been a creative director navigating cutting-edge technology and its use cases in the creative process. Avatars, as an incarnation of our virtual selves in the Metaverse, are essential in experiences.

Looking back, technology such as computer graphics and AI to create photorealistic virtual avatars with realistic movements and expressions has leapfrogged since the last few years. Luc has witnessed this change and innovation and combined it with Web 3 elements in terms of the monetization model.

00:00 intro

02:16 behind DNABLOCK: four years key learnings

04:32 In comparison what we have today with the news?

07:17 What we see is there are game publishers?

09:41 Innovation of virtual production

12:31 Instead of going to Disneyland in a couple of spots in the world.

15:28 About tooling right the tool easy to use plug and play.

17:18 What kind of game will come out in the future?

26:52 Single player or multiplayer?

31:48 Just don’t think the best kind of idea personally?

33:07 point of view on crypto

34:46 roadmap around development in 2022

Session hosted by:

Yingzi Yuan /


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Metaverse Summit Roadshow

[Metaverse Summit] The “Father” of JPEG Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi on NFT, metaverse standard & future

The “Father” of JPEG Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi on NFT, metaverse standard & future

We’re honored to have invited the “Father” of JPEG format, professor Touradj Ebrahimi as our guest speaker.

He talked about how JPEG standard has innovated since its creation, and how Metaverse will innovate itself and has its own standards in the future. We talked about the NFT x JPEG phenomenon and his view on the long term impact on the industry.

00:00 intro

00:44 What’s your current occupation? And what’s your plan for this upcoming year of 2022?

03:51 What’s your point of view of the current NFT phenomenon?

14:54 What do you think about the standard?

22:18 What do you think of the current NFT development around the jpeg?

28:52 How to fight against fake media?

34:21 How OpenSea work hand in hand with researchers?

39:52 What would you imagine in the metaverse in five to ten years? or even more than 20 years 

Session hosted by:

Yingzi Yuan /