Metaverse Summit Roadshow

[Metaverse Roadshow] Open Metaverse, Digital Identity — how to build a desirable future of Web 3 with Ryan Gill

Ryan Gill,

Crucible & Open Meta Dao

In preparation to Metaverse Summit upcoming early next year we sat down with Ryan Gill, Co-Founder & CEO of Crucible and managing director of the Open Meta Foundation, to talk about Digital Identity, the mindset of Web 3 and the importance of an open Metaverse.

Open Metaverse, Digital Identity — how to build a desirable future of Web 3

00:00 – Introduction

01:12 – How did you become an advocate for the open Metaverse?

03:16 – What is the convergence of Web3 technologies and the Metaverse?

05:55 – How do you imagine the role of Crucible in the Metaverse?

08:41 – What is the vision of Crucible?

08:45 – Why is an open Metaverse so important?

12:04 – Who are the big players in the Metaverse?

15:22 – What function will DAO’s play in the future?

19:39 – What are the challenges you face right now and in the near future?

25:08 – How do we onboard potential users?

27:51 – What is the role of game developers?

31:22 – How will the Metaverse look like?

36:28 – What does the future hold for people who participate in the Metaverse?

43:57 – Why do you think that it is that the Web 3 Community Recognizes the opportunity in gaming more than the gaming industry?

49:33 – How could people get in touch or get involved?

Ryan is a neo-Polymath, with interests and 10 years experience ranging across technology, business, and impact at the bleeding edge. He is exceptionally knowledgeable about all facets of capital raising and his understanding of the blockchain technology space and crypto-economic design comes from being a part of designing and driving a nine-figure token sale in 2017.

Session hosted by:

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Sam Arn /